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Doula Support

Let's schedule a consultation to see if I am the right fit for your needs


As your doula, I will help educate you and your partner throughout your birth journey. Offer emotional and physical support during labor. Help you advocate for yourself as well as finding your voice and power to get the birth you want!

For pricing and more information. Please schedule a free 30-minute consultation to chat with me today and get your questions answered. 

Mom giving birth in a bathtub at home,

Labor/Birth Support Only:


  • 1 Prenatal (to go over birth plan and birth desires, go over comfort measures and how I support in your sacred birth space)

  • On-Call Starting at 38 weeks' Gestation

  • Support during labor/Birth.

  • Stay 1-2 hours after baby arrives.

Birth Support - Basic Package:


This package includes:

  • 2-3 Prenatal Meetings.

  • Unlimited Phone/Text/Email Support.

  • on call starting at 38 weeks gestation.

  • Full Labor/Birth Support.
  • Stay 1-2 hours after baby arrives.

  • 1 Postnatal well check in visit.

  • Text/Phone Support up to 4 weeks postpartum.

  • Access to my resources. 

  • Access to my Lending Library.


Birth Support -Premium Package: 1,500

Everything from the basic packages plus:

  • Placenta Encapsulation (Capsules, Chocolates, OR Burial Prep)

  • 1 Placenta Print (colored or blood)

  • Partner Guidance Session (for the partner's) 

Virtual Services

Virtual Services

I offer virtual/Online support for the following services:

(Contact for more information)

  • Labor & Birth Support.

  • Birth Plan Guidance. 

  • Partner Guidance.

  • Breastfeeding/Lactation Support.

  • 2 hr. Energy Healing Session.​

Contact for more information on these services.

Treat yourself and hire a doula
Birth Affirmations
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