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Doula Support

Let's schedule a consultation to see if I am the right fit for your needs

When you schedule a consultation, we will go over services, prices, and any questions about my role as your doula. 


All birth clients get 30% off the full-service birth pool rental. 


Birth Support - Basic Package: $2,200

As your doula, I will help educate you and your partner throughout your birth journey. Offer emotional and physical support during labor. Help you advocate for yourself as well as finding your voice and power to get the birth you want!

This package includes:

  • 3 Prenatal Meetings- to discuss my role on your birth team more in depth, meet your birth team, go over your birth preferences/plan, basic birth and breastfeeding education, technique and positions for labor, as well as any questions or concerns you may have. 

  • Help write your birth preferences and go over birth affirmations.

  • On call- Starting at 37 weeks, we go on call 24/7, until baby arrives. 

  • I stay 1-2 hours after birth to make sure parents and baby are doing good, help with breastfeeding, and help with anything they may need.

  • 1 Postpartum Visit- within 1 week of baby's arrival, I will make a visit to your home, to make sure breastfeeding is going well, make sure mom/birthing person and baby are still doing well and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

 * We offer payment plans if needed!

I support in all settings, from hospital births to homebirths.

Birth Support -Premium Package:


Everything from the basic packages plus:

  • Placenta Encapsulation (Capsules, Chocolates, OR Burial Prep)

  • 1 Placenta Print (colored or blood)

  • Partner Guidance Session (for the partner's) 

Gentle Love Doula/Doula Supporting Client
Client Laboring In Pool/Gentle Love Doula

Birth Support - Exclusive Package:

$3,000 ($207 discount)

  • 4 prenatal meetings

  • 24/7 on call starting at 37 weeks until baby arrives.

  • Stay up to 2 hours after birth.

  • 1 postpartum well visit within 1 week of baby’s arrival.

  • Placenta Encapsulation (Capsules, Chocolates, OR Burial Prep)

  • 1 Placenta Print (colored or blood)

  • Partner Guidance Session 

  • Energy Healing Session

  • 7- Single Serving Freezer Meals or 5 Family Sized Meals

*We offer Payment Plans!




I currently do not offer postpartum services, but please refer to my doula agency where a team of doulas can assist with your needs. 


Late to Care
Birth Fee:

This Includes: 

  • 1 prenatal visit

  • Birth Support through labor

  • Stay 2 hours after birth. 

Requirements for this fee:

  • You must be at least 34 weeks pregnant.

  • Birthplace must be within a 25-mile radius from my location.

(*any additional miles will be charged a milage fee of $5/mile)

Please book a consultation to chat more about it. 

Virtual Services

Virtual Services

I offer virtual/Online support for the following services:

(Contact for more information)

  • Labor & Birth Support ($749)

  • Birth Plan Guidance ($55)

  • Partner Guidance ($87)

  • Breastfeeding/Lactation Support (77 per 1hour session)

  • 2 hr. Energy Healing Session ($169)​

Contact for more information on these services.

Treat yourself and hire a doula
Birth Affirmations
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