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A Supportive Hand for Expecting Fathers

Partner Guidance Support

At Gentle Love Doula, we help fathers prepare to be present and actively involved in their partner’s labor and delivery.


Meet Our Partner Guide Specialist

Gentle Love Doula is passionate about supporting both mothers and fathers during the birth journey. With Hector on our team, we provide fathers with crucial guidance from a male's perspective. Hector has been through it all as a father of four and guides dads through the challenges of birth. Our team is dedicated to making this experience as smooth and positive as possible for both parents.

Partner Guidance Session

Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed about becoming a dad? Don't worry, you're not alone. My Partner Guidance Sessions are designed to help you feel confident and supported through this exciting journey. We'll work together to help you understand your role as a dad, and prepare you for the important role you'll play during the birthing process. With my guidance, you'll feel empowered to be the best partner you can be.

Father with Newborn Baby

Experience Deep Emotional Transformation

Emotional and Trauma Healing Through Guided Meditation

With our meditation sessions, our focus is on emotional and trauma healing through guided meditation. Our full sessions can take up to two hours, giving you the full experience and time to fully relax and let go of emotional baggage. However, we also offer hourly sessions if you need something more flexible. No matter what, you'll leave our sessions feeling more grounded and at peace.

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