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My Goal

I am here to offer guidance to families so they can have the best experiences throughout their journey. My goal is to help families be comfortable and as stress free as possible during their pregnancy, labor and birth, during their breastfeeding journey and after baby arrives. I am here to help comfort and support you as well as advocate for you when needed and remind you and anyone in your birth space that YOU are in charge of their journey!


Cynthia Garcia

I am a mother, wife and advocate. As a Certified Doula/ Holistic Birthkeeper, Peer Lactation Counselor, and Placenta Specialist, I offer support to Families before, during and after childbirth. My role is to help facilitate safe, positive and empowering birthing experiences by offering the information, emotional support and physical support needed during this time. As a mom of 4, I have been through a c section, 2 hospital VBACS with their own obstacles, and a healing homebirth. I have breastfed all my kids, all at different stages and with different obstacles through each journey. I am a sexual abuse survivor and I have also experienced 2 pregnancy losses. All of my experiences as well as educational background give me the knowledge to be able to help moms/birthing persons and understand first hand what they may need most.

The Doula

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