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Benefits of a Water Birth

A Home birth in itself can provide so much comfort and peace during labor, add a birth tub to the mix and it can be a dream! 

  • Increases Comfort and mobility

  • Can speed up labor

  • Natural pain relief

  • Can lower stress and blood pressure

  • Increased feeling of control

  • Gentle welcome for baby

  • Additional privacy

Birth Tub Rental


Full Service Rental Includes:

  • Birth Tub

  • Pool Liner

  • Floor Liner

  • Debris net

  • Full Service delivery, set up, and draining of pool.

  • On Call 24/7 Starting at 37 weeks

  • Tub Support Available via Phone/Virtual

Full Service is for Home Births and Certain Birthing Centers (depending on current policies),

Arrangements can be made for pick up for Hospital and Other Birthing Centers. (due to current policies) 


Birth Tub Only Rental Includes:  


  • Birth Tub (with air pump)

You are responsible for items needed for

birth tub use such as Hose, liners, adapters, etc

  • On Call 24/7 Starting at 37 weeks

  • Drop off/Pick up

  • Tub Support Available via Phone/Virtual

You can purchase all items


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