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Rose Buds

Client Testimonies 

"Cynthia has been nothing but helpful, even from states away! She’s always there to answer questions and gives very helpful and useful information, even if it’s at 2 am. She’s helped me more than she knows on my breastfeeding journey and if it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would have been able to make it this far. She does not make you feel like any question or concern is silly and will give you the constant reassurance, and checks in on you periodically! Highly recommend!"

- Mikayla M.

Rose Buds
Rose Buds

"Cynthia is very well educated and well informed in childbirth,postpartum and lactation. She is very passionate about the work she does and is very open about her own birth stories. My partner was having lower back pain and Cynthia knew the pressure points to help relieve the pain. She showed us different positions and techniques to help with labor. She goes above and beyond for her clients and is very hands on, which helped me tremendously as a partner. Cynthia has a very welcoming and nuturing vibe, she was always looking out for our best interest and helped us through stressful decisions. I highly recommend her! We felt heard and respected."
- Nathan Y.

Rose Buds

" Cynthia goes above and beyond. She makes sure you are taken care of and puts her heart into her work. She has the biggest heart and she truly cares. She is very warm and nurturing. She made us some granola bars and they were amazing! We highly recommend her services!"

- Geanette P.

Rose Buds

"Love Cynthia! We just clicked and became instant friends. So knowledgeable and had so much info and resources. She was always available anytime i needed her!

- Cress M

Rose Buds

" Thank you Cynthia for being with us. She had a lot of information and was super fast with us. Very patient and attentive to our needs. I highly recommend her services. I will definitely come back to look for you when i need you again!

- Karen G.

Rose Buds

I’m so glad I found Cynthia! She was an amazing person to have on my side and went above and beyond to make myself and my partner feel comfortable throughout the entire pregnancy and birth process. I very much appreciated that she not only brought her own experiences to the table but was also a wealth of educational resources. Cynthia took the time to connect in person, via video, and through text before, during, and after the birth. I highly recommend her, not only as a doula, but for encapsulation and lactation needs as well. She truly makes you feel cared for, listened to, and respected

-Stacie K.

Rose Buds

Cynthia was very kind and sincere. She was very accessible and answered questions quickly, day and night. She's very knowledgeable about pregnancy, birthing, postpartum and infant care. Cynthia was very inclusive of my partner and was able to communicate with him in Spanish when needed. She also helped me find resources for baby items. When it came time to deliver, she was willing to come to my home when I felt I needed support. She was very supportive of my home birth.

-Renna H.

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Rose Buds

 Cynthia is a beautiful soul who was my rock during my Pandemic homebirth. She supported my 4th birth and second homebirth. I am very educated on the topic of birth. But Cynthia brings so much more information that I didn't even know. Having her as your doula will drastically improve your support system. I highly recommend her to everyone I know. I love Cynthia's dedication to serving women. She has a passion for serving women that's like no other. I have never felt so seen and heard when it came to having a say about my births. Highly recommend her to everyone seeking a doula.

-Cherise B

Rose Buds

Cynthia and her services exceeded my expectations (which were already high) by a long shot! She is super thorough, prompt, compassionate and really looks after mama’s and their families. I am so thankful to have found her and I highly highly recommend. She offers a wide range of care which is really nice to be able to find all in one doula. Cynthia threw in some extra goodies with my order and they were so thoughtful. I’ll cherish my first birth forever and I can thank her for a big part of that! Thank you Cynthia<3

-Camdyn B.

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